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Documentation for Stepwise and questions

Hi, thanks for the Community Edition. I don't see any docs to speak of yet.

I've got a couple of questions.

  1. There should be support for executing JS in the browser. Can we do that yet? I know the possibility is there since I see the OpenQA.Selenium.Remote.DriverCommand.ExecuteScript reference in the WebDriver.dll.
  2. I see support for 'Scripts'. What scripting languages are supported? Might I have a simple example?
  3. Can Stepwise be extended with plugins?

Thanks again,


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Hey Winter,

You and I have been conversing quite a bit via email, but I wanted to put these answers out here for the general community (with the field of dreams hope that if you build it, they will come). You have provided a lot of insight into different ways StepwiseRPA could be used that had not been the primary focus of my development to date.

Docs are indeed very sparse at this time. I am an RPA professional by day, and am developing StepwiseRPA with the hopes to one day be able to sustain a living by enabling SMBs to do RPA in an easy and powerful way. After several years in development, I have finally gotten to the point where I was ready to release the app, and while it has been used extensively where I work, I was hoping to get some external user feedback. Somehow I was extremely fortunate that you were the first to download and tear into Stepwise with a lot of zeal. My next steps are to provide as much video training/how-to as I can over the next several months, along with refining Stepwise UI and capabilities from user feedback such as yours.

On to the answers:

  1. I will take a look to see what it will take to implement the Selenium ExecuteScript functions. Hopefully, it can be added forthwith
  2. Both JS and VBS are supported via the Scripts Action. As you found out, running in Win7 was problematic. I'd recommend using Win10+ for anyone wishing to use these actions
  3. StepwiseRPA doesn't have a plugin architecture per se, but the Dynamic Action allows virtually unlimited expansion of its capabilities by allowing you to run both Instance and Static methods from .Net DLLs. For anyone who reads this in the future, Winter introduced me to sharpAHK, an AutoHotkey .Net library that exposes an incredible wealth of Autohotkey functions that can be run from the Dynamic Actions. Dynamic Actions are on the advanced end of the spectrum, but if you are comfortable compiling libraries from Git, this library brings an insane amount of functionality that can be used dynamically from StepwiseRPA.



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