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Where to Find the Magic in RPA

Robots, schmobots. That's the truth of the matter. Robots are not magical machines here to save humanity from the self-imposed tediums that we have invented for ourselves to do. And if you are wading into Robotic Process Automation, you run a real risk of trading one set of tediums for a new and more expensive set of tediums.

Don't get me wrong. When, at the age of 8, I saw C3PO and R2D2 wandering across the desert sands of Tatooine, that was the world I wanted to live in. And I still do. I have a life-size Yoda in my home office, and making lights blink and buzzers buzz with a Raspberry Pi is one of my favorite pastimes. Exploring the capabilities of my Pi is fun, but it is only really satisfying when I make things that I actually use in my daily life, like a buzzer that warns me when someone is sneaking up on my cubical at work, or a tower light that communicates alerts the Pi reads from my emails.

Similarly, it wasn't C3PO's ability to speak the binary language of moisture evaporators or R2's ability to patch up the battle damage of an X-wing during a fight that made them heroes. It was the mission given them by a princess and the life given them by Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker that made us love them.

It may be trite, but it is true, you are the magic in your RPA robots. Your understanding of your goal and the creativity you bring in accomplishing that goal are the spark that give your robots purpose and life.

There are some RPA vendors that are working hard to bring the magic of AI and Cognitive Computing to RPA, and they may well succeed. StepwiseRPA will join them in that pursuit once we have built the foundation we need. But these are just more capabilities.  And capabilities are useless without purpose and application.

Just think, we have the entire sum of human knowledge at our fingertips in the internet. We have computing power at our command that wasn't even dreamed of when Einstein was alive. In your pocket, you carry more computing power than the first nuclear submarines or even the lunar lander did. You even have access to a quantum computer if you want. These capabilities are as useless and inert as uranium or plutonium isotopes until neutrons are fired at them. Until you charge your robots with purpose, they are merely gas in a can. Add a spark, and now, that's a fire! To quote the sage Eddie Murphy.

To wrap up, I want to leave you with 3 thoughts:

  1. Your robots aren't magic until you make them magic. The purpose you give them gives them their magic
  2. Spend more time on that purpose. Replacing a manual process is not magic. It's not even the real goal. What IS the real goal? Take it to the next level
  3. Your robots aren't creative. You are. Take your robots places nobody has dreamed of yet

I wish you all the best on your RPA journey, and I hope that you will download the StepwiseRPA trial and see how we are working to help enable your creativity and purpose.



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