StepwiseRPA: Capabilities

StepwiseRPA currently provides a wealth of functionality for business users, but we’re not stopping here. The functionality shown below is currently available to all StepwiseRPA customers.

On our roadmap, but not currently available, are OCR, PDF, and other advanced RPA functions.

Below are a selection of the functions currently available in StepwiseRPA:

Data Actions

StepwiseRPA makes it super easy to interact with your Enterprise Microsoft SQL Server Databases. You can also use Azure SQL or even the SQL Server LocalDB that gets installed our your PC and serves as the backend for the StepwiseRPA application.

Database actions:

  • Import Data – allows you to import CSV and other delimited text files by mapping to fields in a database table
  • Run SQL Queries – use the drag-and-drop SQL query builder or write raw SQL. Supports full create, read, update, and delete functionality.

Excel and Spreadsheet Actions (found in Variable and Spreadsheet Actions)

StepwiseRPA provides over 40 Excel and Spreadsheet actions:

  • Get New Workbook
  • Open Existing Workbook
  • Activate Range
  • Activate Sheet
  • Add Sheet
  • Close Workbook
  • Column Letter to Number
  • Column Number to Letter
  • Copy Cell Down
  • Copy Range to Range
  • Copy Sheet
  • Copy to Clipboard
  • Delete Column
  • Delete Row
  • Delete Sheet
  • Find and Replace
  • Find
  • Get Cell Formula
  • Get Cell/Range Value
  • Get First Row in Range
  • Get First Column in Range
  • Get Number Rows in Range
  • Get Range as DataTable
  • Get Region for Cell
  • Get Sheet Names
  • Get Used Range
  • Insert Column
  • Insert Row
  • Move Sheet
  • Paste from Clipboard
  • Remove Duplicate Rows
  • Rename Sheet
  • Save
  • Save As
  • Save As CSV
  • Save As PDF
  • Save As Tab Delimited
  • Set Cell Formula
  • Set Cell Value
  • Write DataTable to Sheet

File Actions

StepwiseRPA provides powerful file functionality:

  • Append Rows – append one or more rows to a text file
  • Append Text – append to text file
  • Append Text to Rows – prepend or append text to the start or end of rows in a text file
  • Check File Exists
  • Copy File
  • Create File
  • Create Folder
  • Delete Files
  • Delete Folder
  • Find and Replace – find and replace text within a text file
  • Get Files from Folder
  • Get Folder Path from File Path
  • Get User’s Desktop Path
  • Get User’s Documents Path
  • Move Files
  • Remove Blank Rows – remove blank rows from a text file
  • Remove Rows – conditionally remove rows from text fileĀ 
  • Show Folder – opens folder in Windows Explorer
  • Split Text File – split text file into multiple files with specified # rows, copying forward specified # of header rows
  • Unzip File

Logic Actions

  • If – processes conditions based on variables. If conditions evaluate to ‘true’, will process child-steps. If ‘false’, will process child-steps of any ‘Else’ steps you add as children to the ‘If’ step
  • Else – add to ‘If’ steps and then add any child steps you wish to process when the ‘If’ conditions evaluate to ‘false’
  • Loop
    • Types:
      • Loop through records in DataTable
      • Loop through items in a List Variable
      • Loop while a Variable is ‘True’
      • Loop from starting number to ending number
  • Pause Job
  • End Job
  • Wait – sleeps Job for specified number of milliseconds

Outlook Actions

  • Get Outlook Application – opens new instance of Outlook and stores in variable for use in future steps
  • Find Emails in Outlook
    • Finds emails in Outlook based on specified conditions
    • You can perform actions on selected emails like: Mark as Read, Move to Folder
    • You can save attachments to a folder based on selected emails
      • Specify conditions to save specific attachments
  • Send Outlook Email – use variables to customize emails and include specific attachments

Serial Port Actions for IoT (found in Variable and Spreadsheet Actions)

StepwiseRPA provides the ability to send data over the serial port to communicate with IoT devices like the Raspberry Pi:

  • Send Serial

SharePoint Actions

StepwiseRPA provides the ability to interact with SharePoint Lists and Libraries using a drag-and-drop interface to build queries. You can easily load large amounts of data to SharePoint, download files, attachments, and list items, and create/delete views. This is the desktop SharePoint interaction you’ve been looking for!

  • List / Library Items
    • Select
    • Update
    • Delete
    • Upload Attachment
    • Create View
    • Delete View

User Interface Automation

StepwiseRPA provides the ability to interact with the user interfaces of other applications. We will be working to build out the features in the key RPA function as we grow.

User Interactions

  • Confirm Dialog – get user’s feed back, ‘Yes/No’ or ‘Ok/Cancel’
  • Message Box – display message to user. Job pauses until user closes dialog
  • Input Dialog – get text input from user
  • Choose File Dialog – stores file path to variable for future use
  • Choose Folder Dialog – stores folder path to variable for future use

Variable Types and Actions (found in Variable and Spreadsheet Actions)

StepwiseRPA uses variables to enable you to create dynamic processes.

Variable types:

  • Text
  • Number
  • True/False
  • DataTable
  • Date
  • DateTime
  • Simple Spreadsheet – a fast, yet powerful spreadsheet component for when you don’t need the full capabilities of Excel
  • Excel Workbook
  • Outlook Application
  • List of Dates
  • List of Emails
  • List of Numbers
  • List of Texts
  • Dictionary – a key/value pair data structure

Variable actions:

  • Add to List
  • Remove from List
  • Remove Empty Values (from list)
  • Reset to Default – you can provide default values for your variables and reset variable to default value as needed
  • Set Variable Value


Web Automations

StepwiseRPA uses the open source Selenium web drivers to power its web automation.