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When your process is too big to fail, but too small for IT, StepwiseRPA gives you the power to turn time-consuming tasks into Automated Processes!

Deep integration with powerful tools like:

  • SharePoint
  • Excel
  • Outlook / Email
  • And more

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Built by Business Users for Business Users

We built StepwiseRPA to solve our own automation needs. Our team has decades of experience in Accounting, IT, and Shared Services, working in a Fortune 500 company.

StepwiseRPA enables companies looking to centralize, standardize, automate, and document processes.


  • Create journal entries
  • Allocations
  • Process spreadsheets
  • Track approvals
  • Distribute reports


  • Data gathering and processing
  • Prepare pricing files
  • Report preparation and distribution

Excel Users

  • Deep integration with Excel
  • Easily work with multiple workbooks
  • 40+ Excel actions

Tax Professionals

  • Request tax certificates
  • Prepare data for audits
  • Process data for returns
  • Populate workpapers

SharePoint Users

  • Create, read, update, and delete list items
  • Upload / download documents
  • Create list views 

Outlook Users

  • Filter and read emails
  • Save attachments
  • Send personalized emails using variables
  • Send attachments

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